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About Us

About Zinovation Sports

Zinovation sports is a sports talent development platform for young talents, parents, sports service providers and sports enthusiasts. We encourage active living through sporting activities for sustainable development.


  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Self-esteem
  • Access to more opportunities

Our Mission & Vision

  • Mission:
    “To promote nationwide participation in sports as the key to a healthier, fitter and empowered citizenry”
  • Vision:
    “A national sports empowered citizenry”

Our Aims & Objectives

  • Increased participation in sports among the youth demographic.
  • Establish and maintain pipelines for career advancement in sports.
  • Create value in sports that is grassroots-based, sustaining participation levels, identifying and nurturing talents.
  • To entrench sports as a lifestyle choice and create a community-based demand for sporting goods and services that can be met by local supply.
  • Community and social development through sports.
  • Sports for active youth engagement.
  • Sports for recreational purpose for all ages.
  • Build a generation of young active participants and engage school-aged children in sports to strengthen links with communities.

Our team.

Liz Okogun


Liz Okogun
Lisa Aijeyan

Talent Manager

Lisa Aijeyan
Bimbo Bankole

Fitness Director

Bimbo Bankole